Evita Tezeno

Board Member

Evita Tezeno, a Port Arthur, TX native, is a commercially successful artist and youth mentor who is very concerned with the state of health of our communities and the environment. She is particularly interested in the healing communication offered by art and compassion. Her work consists mainly of collages influenced with cubism. Color, texture and shape are the core of her collages. Inspired by images that she sees in her sleep, Evita translates these visions through mixed media, with various handmade papers, acrylic paints and found objects. Pulling from experiences and children’s stories, she creates whimsical images that provoke laughter and also enrich the soul. Her work has been commissioned for the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Dallas’ Deep Ellum Film Festival, the 30th annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the 2000 Daimler Chrysler calendar, and is sought by many in the entertainment and media industries as well as the homes of professional football and basketball players.

Evita mentors teenage girls who need help and direction and come from broken families. She takes these young women under her wing and works with them long term. Evita is a vegan member of the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas, and also a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Evita Tezeno graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 1984. Evita is helping GPRC network, raise funds, produce public and media awareness, and implement program work, as well as use the power or art and creativity in projects helping move the Buffalo Commons movement, and youth involvement in that, forward.

Creativity is a noble word, like justice, or compassion. Its essence is a basic component of right living, for it is nothing less that a love of learning, a love of action, an echo of God’s creative power. Art in all of its many forms makes me feel connected to something grand. Exuberant movement and rotating images imply energy and space beyond boundaries of the applied surface.

Life as we now know it may be very chaotic, but if we concentrate on the little things, an open field, a small prairie dog, a beautiful sunset… if we work together to keep the things of Nature safe it would make this chaotic existence a little more pleasant. The Buffalo Commons project is one of these components to a peaceful existence.