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Houston's Esteban Park to add homeless green housing

Esteban Park, named after Esteban the Moor, the first recorded African in Texas who arrived as a shipwrecked slave on Galveston Island with Spanish conquistadors in 1528, is taking a big step and will be adding four coastal prairie style green housing cottages for workers. There is a larger push in the philanthropic and social services community to move homeless people to permanent housing. Esteban Park was formed in 2010 by Great Plains Restoration Council (GPRC) with a land donation by Senior Pastors Rudy and Juanita Rasmus of St. John’s United Methodist Church Downtown in Houston. Pairing restoration ecology with social work, the pilot program of GPRC’s Restoration Not Incarceration™ was built with the phenomenal participation of young homeless men and women from St. John’s Bread of…

Monarch Migration Returns to the Fort Worth Prairie Park

The powerful and mysterious Monarch butterfly migration returned to the Fort Worth Prairie Park last week on their way to Mexico, and we could feel the story of the North American continent in their wings. Here are some photos, courtesy of Sundog Photography. Great Plains Restoration Council has worked for over 7 years to save this platinum prairie in North Texas from destruction. As you know, there is a scramble to save the last platinum prairies in Texas, not only as critical refuge for people and wildlife, but as a bulwark for restoration for the future. By saving the Fort Worth Prairie Park, which is owned by the State of Texas General Land Office, we not only save the interplay…

Galisteo Basin Preserve Update

October 29, 2012 – Download the Galisteo Basin Preserve Information PDF

Esteban Park, Houston Update

April 2012: Pierre, Alex and Jarid have begun the first planting of locally sourced native coastal prairie seed mix, including seacoast little bluestem, on Esteban Park in southeast Houston, while the 2nd year of brush removal continues.

Fort Worth Prairie Park Update

The North Face has awarded a $2500 grant to GPRC to help our youth explore the rare Fort Worth Prairie.

Saltwater Country Update

Great Plains Restoration Council and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have signed an MOU to begin wildland restoration of the native coastal prairies and marshes on this 20,000 acre grassland estuary restoration site along the mouth of the Trinity River as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Great Plains Restoration Council (GPRC) works to restore and protect our damaged prairies and plains through developing youth leaders in Ecological Health. Protecting wild nature is a matter of public health, and participating in its hands-on recovery offers therapeutic modalities for many social and physical ills.