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Esteban Park

Houston urban coastal prairie restoration pilot park

Easily accessible, Esteban Park is helping connect all types of people to the endangered coastal prairie and the powerful personal and public health opportunities inherent its restoration. This is a joint project with St. John’s Downtown United Methodist Church, Bread of Life, Inc. Homeless Shelter. and the Harris County Attorney’s Office.

Esteban Park, located at 5172 South Acres Drive, Houston, TX is a new urban demonstration park helping save our endangered coastal prairie and people at the same time! There is also an entryway organic farm in the front. With your help we can complete the first phase of this new park by Labor Day! We need to:

  • construct a handicapped-accessible hiking trail
  • complete the two new wetlands
  • finish the prairie restoration wildlife preserve
  • design the Meditation Trail
  • build the new organic farm for fall planting

All contributions are percentage tax-deductible and will also support Green Job employment for homeless ex-offenders currently in GPRC’s Ecological Health training program. The following are the opportunities available:

  • PARK BENCH $1000
    Rustic Bench with 2″ x 10″ Bronze Plaque – Six benches available
  • PARK TREE $1500
    Cottonwood or Hackberry with 8″ x 8″ Bronze Plaque – Two mature trees available
  • ORGANIC FARM $5000
    24” X 24” Bronze Plaque – One available
    24” X 24” Bronze Plaque – One available
  • WETLANDS $5000
    24” X 24” Bronze Plaque – Two available
    ADA COMPLIANT 24” X 24” Bronze Entrance Plaque – One available

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Great Plains Restoration Council (GPRC) works to restore and protect our shattered prairies and plains through developing youth leaders in Ecological Health. Protecting wild nature is a matter of public health, and participating in its hands-on recovery offers therapeutic modalities for many social and physical ills.