Restoration Economy

GREEN JOBS must not ignore our nation’s Natural Infrastructure, the living ecosystems which have been so damaged yet which give us life (filter the water, clean the air, provide oxygen, greatly enhance public health and childhood development, sequester carbon etc.) and provide crucial home and refuge to native wildlife who struggle tooth and nail to get through each day.

People are suffering and so is the Earth– why not heal and strengthen both at the same time? Governments and businesses need to invest in good job training and creation in ecological restoration — the protection and restoration of wild nature — which in turn provides true long-term sustainability and health economically, culturally, educationally, ecologically, medically, spiritually and more.

Good jobs in real, honest, truly-helping-the-animals-and-ourselves-at-the-same-time wildlands restoration, repairing, connecting and protecting wildlands for very long-term Ecological Health viability, as a moral imperative to help struggling wildlife at the same time it helps ourselves….

Because when we have begun to understand the suffering of others, we find ourselves elevating in deeper, richer ways as we seek to bring refuge and shelter, to cause less pain.