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Fort Worth Prairie Park

Saving One of the Rarest Ecosystems in North America and Creating the Largest Public Prairie Park in North Texas

The Fort Worth Prairie Park is older than the birth of civilization itself, yet fresh and alive as if born this morning. With your help, we will save what’s left for all future life. 

This biodiverse land is a living remnant of 10,000 year old native Fort Worth Prairie, has never been plowed, and is of exceptional quality. It will benefit from some clearing of brush overgrowth and, in a few places, invasive species removal to return it to its highest quality native Texas prairie wildlife habitat.

Fort Worth Report

Photos from Restoration Not Incarceration™ & Fort Worth Prairie Park work week April 2021

Green Source DFW

Green Source DFW, an award-winning digital publication covering environmental news in North Texas, recently published Fort Worth Prairie Park efforts move ahead despite setbacks.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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Great Plains Restoration Council (GPRC) has convened an A-team of executives from State agencies, conservation non-profits, foundations and banking to: “Establish a historic, landscape-scale shortgrass prairie preserve (up to 100,000 acres or more) in the Texas Panhandle for wild Texas bison, pronghorn, black-tailed prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets, elk, grassland nesting birds, swift foxes and more that also offers multicultural human engagement, including ancestral connections for Indigenous Kiowa and Comanche people.” Additionally, this will be a new kind of wild Park for America, explicitly interweaving human wellness, mental health, and personal recovery into conservation while addressing the extinction crisis.

According to Jarid Manos, GPRC’s Founder and CEO, “Sorrow and loss from the past can feel bottomless, but history is not over. We’re all in this together now. Through the audacity of hard work and loving more, we are bringing people together of all colors, cultures and communities to create the nation’s first-ever Southern Great Plains Conservation & Recreation Area in the Texas Panhandle and combine human wellness with biodiversity protection. This landscape-scale grassland conservation area out in America’s “Flyover Country” will breathe life back into the Texas High Plains, provide an extraordinary public refuge of sun, wind, grass and blue sky for wildlife and people that has to be experienced to be believed, and show what we can do when we tangibly work together.”

Shark Therapy™

Great Plains Restoration Council is proud to announce expansion of our Ecological Health programming with Shark Therapy™.

‘Becoming more unbreakable’: Group of formerly incarcerated people swims with sharks to break stereotypes

Special Fundraising Campaign Spotlight:

#WeRestore stand-alone donation opportunity to help Southern Plains Land Trust purchase a large shortgrass prairie preserve in southeast Colorado while also funding a Restoration Not Incarceration™ Work Scholarship Fund.

Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep

— a non-profit literary project of Great Plains Restoration Council

Great Plains Restoration Council

is building the framework and infrastructure for a national expansion of its Ecological Health movement, especially Restoration Not Incarceration™, with a particular focus on the prairie and the ocean.

Together, we are building Ecological Health so that generations of people take care of their own lives through restoring and protecting the Earth.