Great Plains Restoration Council is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mission Statement: Great Plains Restoration Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit Ecological Health organization that helps people take care of their own health through restoring and protecting native ecosystems, particularly damaged prairies, plains, and waters. GPRC teaches Ecological Health practices and principles around the country, as well as uses the literary arts and other media to broaden awareness and community engagement.

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Organizational History:
Great Plains Restoration Council (GPRC) is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. After several years of prairie dog rescues from poisoning, shooting, and bulldozing on the High Plains of Colorado, Kansas and Texas in the late ’90s, GPRC became a formal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in October 1999. GPRC blends ecological work with social work, because we are not separate from the natural world and the natural world is not separate from us.

Great Plains Restoration Council was founded out of the awareness that the violence that people do to each other (and often accept into ourselves) often mirrors the violence that people do to the Earth. GPRC works to bring people of all colors, cultures and communities together to help heal themselves through healing our endangered prairies and plains. Ecological Health is for everyone.