We Restore

20 years of non-profit work helping people take care of their own health through taking care of our devastated prairies is now ready to be finished.
Support #WeRestore

Great Plains Restoration Council has launched a $2.1 million Crowdrise campaign to complete these legacy goals and wrap up nearly 20 years of non-profit work:

  • Help Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT) create a stunningly beautiful new Refuge for buffalo, prairie dogs, pronghorn antelope and more that is larger than Manhattan on the shortgrass prairie of southeastern Colorado, about 200 miles from Amarillo, TX.  50% of funds raised after expenses will go directly toward SPLT’s purchase of this new preserve.
  • Gift our program Restoration Not Incarceration™ to others across the country as an Open Source initiative and pay the work wages for 2,500 work days in Ecological Health for people formerly or currently entangled with the criminal justice system. 
  • Provide $100,000 in work scholarship funds for Plains Indian people working in ecological restoration.
  • Complete the Fort Worth Prairie Park, an urban wildland prairie on the backdoor of 7 million people, as a national epicenter for Ecological Health.
  • Support the public education and advocacy work of Great Plains Restoration Council.
  • Support GPRC’s literary fund.